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Fried Fish

Cod Tongues, Purity Products, & More

Get your favorite foods from The Newfie Corner in Thornton, ON. Drop-in or have us ship them to you. Enjoy the taste of home with a special meal. When purchasing online, shipping costs may apply. Contact us for details.

Maple Leaf Bologna

Great Newfoundland Fare

Favorite foods from home include fish products such as cod tongues and cheeks, loins, fillets, salt fish, and more. Salt pork, salt beef, salt riblets, bologna, frozen food, Newfoundland Baked Beans, and Mt. Scio Farm Savoury are on hand. Get jams, cookies, candies, and crackers that will remind you of home. We carry pop, chips, canned goods, pickles, beets, Purity, and much more. Contact us today with your questions.